Be Strong and of a Good Courage

Summer Camp

We are excited to announce the dates for our summer camps for 2023!  We offer a well rounded program for children and teens of all ages. We have camp scholarships available that can help cover the cost of camp for those who can’t afford the full amount.  We have decided to keep the early registration prices to make camp more affordable.  Come see the new facilities added to Camp Mandaville!

 Base Camp

Eager to take on a new challenge and develop leadership potential? The Base Camp program is designed to encourage and equip you to grow in your Christian faith and personal character by: participating in Bible study and group discussions and activities, performing various camp tasks with campers, helping in dining room, and grounds work. Daily interactions with peers and camp staff members. You will normally sleep in the dorms with campers and be a mentor and helper to them.  Approved application and references required. Contact camp for an application by May 1st(  This opportunity is available all weeks except Teen week.  Limited spaces.

 9-12th Grade
July 5-8 – $30, 17-22 – $50, or 24-29 – $50

Mini Week
Designed for our younger campers we offer  a shorter week away from home.  Same great camp experience just a few days shorter to allow for them to get used to our  facilities

Primary: 1-3rd Grade
July 5-8     $185

All Girls
During this week we give the girls the camp! For the girls we offer a special week of camping just for them.  Girls also have the option of adding 2+ hours/day with a licensed instructor at a local equestrian center, to their week at camp for an additional fee.  Space for this week is limited so please register early!

Specialty Week: 5-7th Grade
July 17-22     $275
with Horse ($375)

Pioneer Boys

A complete outdoor adventure for boys in our Pioneer campsite that includes cooking meals over the fire and in our mud oven, learning proper use and mastery of camp tools, and more. Limit 10 campers.

5-7th Grade
July 17-22     $300


Mega Week
A full week of camp for a broader age group.  This co-ed week of camping is the full Mandaville  experience.  Be prepared to have a blast!

Juniors: 3-6th Grade
July 24-29     $265


Teen Week
Middle School and High School kids share this week .   A more mature camping experience for the Middle School kids with an opportunity to be mentors for the older.

7-12th Grade
July 31-Aug 5     $300